History meets Quality

Australian high-quality grain fed beef

The highest quality

At 1788 we are known to only select the best of the best, as we only sell the best of the best. This selection is as thorough as it should be. Only because of our selection, ways of feeding and a location known for its climate and green plains, we are able to present you the most superior Australian Black Angus beef.

It was in 1788 when Captain Arthur Philip set foot on the shores of New South Wales, Australia. Among his fleet, he brought along six cows and a bull. Whether it was a coincidence or by foresight, he recognized that this environment would provide the ultimate conditions for livestock farming, resulting in high-quality meat. After all, Arthur Philip was appointed as the Governor of New South Wales, which was the first European Colony on the Australian continent. He later gained recognition as the founder of the settlement, now widely acclaimed as the vibrant city of Sydney.

With the cattle being exclusively selected from New South Wales which is highly praised for its environment, climate and vast green plains we are ensured that we already have an amazing start. The cattle that grazes on this truly wonderful location we are on the right track to a product that sets itself apart.

This exclusive cattle grazes for at least 26 months in this highly praised area with lots of ground for the cattle to move around like they are used to. The combination of the vast plains with the tremendous amounts of space makes us capable of ensuring a rich flavour, with beautiful marbling that guarantees amazing beef.

This cattle is known for its marbling what contributes to its superior tenderness and rich flavours. This is being realised by a special feeding pattern consisting of natural ingredients such as grain, grass and corn.

By exclusively selecting cattle from certain heritage, letting the cattle graze with only products of nature and feeding them with a special diet also consisting of a natures “success formula” we are able to offer this exclusive, rich in flavour with a “melt-in-mouth” taste Australian Black Angus beef.

Why Australian meat?

Understanding the demands of the foodservice industry, we offer a variety of whole cuts of Black Angus Beef, perfect for chefs to create impressive dishes that make customers return. That’s why our team of specialists only selects the best of the best so we can guarantee beef of the highest quality. Australian meat is truly unique due to the feeding pattern and the environment, and you can really taste it. There is no other meat that matches this rich flavour. Furthermore, our commitment to sustainability means that all our meat comes from sustainable sources and is reared humanely. 

Our cattle is purebred Black Angus and therefor Verified by Angus Australia as Angus Beef. Our cattle meets all the criteria that Angus Brand Verification (one of the two endorsement marks of Angus Australia) has developed to be eligible for the program. The verification process consists of DNA validation checks, strict supply chain documentation requirements for identification and segregation, and operational procedures for feedlots and processors.

In addition, the quality and taste is judged by MSA, which was developed by the Australian red meat industry to improve the eating quality consistency of beef. The system is based on almost 800.000 consumer taste tests by over 114.000 customers from 11 countries and takes all factors that affect the eating quality into account. Among other things, the meat is checked for marbling and tenderness. If the meat does not meet the requirements of MSA it will not get qualified for 1788. 1788 is also BRC- and halal certified.

Breeds & Feeding

To offer you a variety of products, we have categorised our beef into 3 groups. Black Angus Beef, Black Angus Platinum Beef and Wagyu Beef. Every category represents a different quality level depending on breeds and the duration of the particular feeding program. Each category has its own marbling score, a grading system used in the meat industry to assess the amount and distribution of intramuscular fat within a cut of beef. This marbling is what gives the meat its richness and tenderness.

Black Angus

+120 days grain fed
Marbling score: MB 2+

Black Angus

Our Black Angus livestock graze on the vast green plains for at least 26 months before being taken to the so called feedlots. For at least 120 days a carefully balanced diet of mainly grain supplemented with natural ingredients such as grass and maize will fatten up the livestock. The combination of using Angus in combination with an extended feeding period translates itself into a beautiful piece of marbled beef that will truly gratify the senses of true meat lovers.

Platinum Black Angus

+200 days grain fed
Marbling score: MB 4+

Platinum Black Angus

Platinum Black Angus earns the name due to the fact that after grazing on the vast green plains for 26 months they endure a far longer diet consisting of all natural supplements such as grain, grass and corn. Due to the longer diet the marbling will increase significantly and ensure a more richer, tender and above all a superior beef taste.


+300 days grain fed
Marbling score: MB 6-7


The hard-to-earn name Wagyu is what we can proudly call our 1788 Wagyu beef that has been on a special diet consisting of only natural supplements such as grain, grass and corn. Because of this diet that lasts for at least 300+ days the beef gains a rich and significant marbling that sets is self apart from the rest. The marbling enhances the amazing and smooth taste of this pure bred Wagyu beef.

Our cuts


Original burgers

The base for returning customers is amazing quality. Here at 1788 we believe that no matter how simple a product is, the taste and quality should always be the number 1 priority. Our burgers represent the new trend “fast casual”. With plenty of options for customisation this burger lays the important foundation for the best taste and juiciness a chef and its customers can ask for.

2x 150 grams  |  12x 200 grams  |  24x 200 grams  |  24×150 grams  |  10 Quarter Pounders

Smash burgers

New to our assortment: The Black Angus Smash Burgers!

The Smash Burger is a well-known phenomenon within the burger and restaurant industry. Acting on your customers’ wishes is an important aspect of running a business. Serving the best quality is a wish you can grant with our Premium Smash Burger.

Packaging: 24 x 85 grams burgers


1788 is available at various foodservice/ cash & carry and butcher stores across Europe.


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